A Snowed-In Southerner’s Response to Northern Critics

   At least twice I day I get polled by a passerby with the question, “Where are you from?”  The question isn’t based out of politeness, but instead a direct reaction to my thick, Southern accent.  I never encountered this before I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina- a cultural melting pot filled with Asians, African, […]

Cool vs. Warm – understanding undertones

Hello, my name is Sarahruth, and I am allergic to the color red. This is even more difficult considering my devotion to the NC State Wolfpack and tacky Christmas sweater parties.  It’s not that I hate the color, I just can’t wear it without an unpleasant, pinkish glow.  I hate it, and for years I […]

Best Daily Boutique Deals

You know that girl who always seems to have an endless supply of necklaces? You secretly envy her ability to stack bangles with ease, and she manages to always have the latest trends present in her home.  You constantly wonder how she can afford to spend so much money, but you’re way too polite to […]

subtle smokey eye tutorial

The Subtle Smokey Eye When I first attempted to do a smokey eye I was in high school.  Logically, I equated “smokey” with “put everything dark that I can put on my eyelid on my eyelid.”  The look was slightly more terrifying than it was terrific. It seems simple, right?  Just put a lot of […]