Since my school went 1:1 this past fall, I’m constantly looking for new, cheap technology resources that I can incorporate into a unit or lesson.  After becoming bored with prezi, and not having the time to actually sit down and flip my classroom, I was excited when my colleague mentioned a free website to make […]

DON’T think before you speak.

Talk it Out If you know me, you know that one of my favorite aspects of being and English teacher is teaching writing.  I’m obsessed.  When attempting to create “student buy in” for writing assignments, I try not to appear like the late, great Billy Mays, but it’s always a challenge to contain my excitement. […]

Southern Hair Sunday!

how to tease hair One comment I consitently hear in regards to my hair is that it looks “so thick.”  My hair is on the thicker side, but much of the volume I have is due to nothing more than teasing.  Teasing is a GREAT way to get a LOT of volume and body in […]

the low-down on rules

In my undergraduate studies I was taught that efficient class rules had to meet only one requirement; they must be phrased in a language that was “student friendly.”  The theory behind this is that no student feels belittled or bullied by a set of dictated commands.  Now, while that may sound promising to some, I  can’t help but […]

The Case for the Narrative

We all knew that when the Common Core standards hit the ELA classroom we were silently putting a nail in the coffin of the ever popular personal narrative.  No longer are students expected to write ramblings on their favorite day to the zoo, or the classic “event that changed them forever.”  I can admit, at […]